Who Can Be a Good Helper if I’m Writing a Business Research Paper?

Business research papers can cover a wide range of topics- everything from in-depth analysis of a company and its management practices to how computers and the internet have changed business. As a result, the types of people that can be a good help for these types of papers change based on the topic.

Good Interview Sources

  • Entrepreneurs (Small and Large Business Owners)
  • Entrepreneurs are people who have started their own company, from the smallest start-up to the largest established companies. These people are usually good sources if your topic involves the topic of starting a business, regardless of how successful (or unsuccessful) their venture has been.

  • CEO or Top Management of a Company
  • If you are researching a specific company or analyzing the way that a large company works, you may want to speak to the owners of the company (or the highest-level person that you can get an interview with). They are usually good sources for topics like the management practices in a large company and how their specific company operates.

  • Farmers
  • Many students overlook the amount of business knowledge that goes into managing a farm. Farmers must decide how much crop to grow, the types of animals to own, when and how much to sell goods for, and how to maintain the upkeep of the farm. This makes them a great source for business papers.

  • Employees
  • You may also find it beneficial to speak to employees of a company. If you were writing about business and technology, for example, you may find it helpful to speak to the IT person.

Other People Who May Help

  • Librarians
  • Sometimes, if you get stuck during the course of your research, the school librarian can help. In addition to helping you find the right resources, they may be able to give you pointers on who to talk to about different aspects of a business. Ask away- they love to help and encourage students to learn.

  • Your (or Your Friends’) Parents
  • After middle school, a lot fewer kids whine to their parents about needing help with their homework. This is probably one of the reasons that parents are overlooked as a helpful resource for many topics. You may find out quite a bit to help with your assignment, especially if they have a management position in their company.

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