Step-By-Step Tutorial On Writing A Powerful Research Paper Quickly

A research paper may be on a variety of topics. Your instructor may give you the topic or you may get to select your own subject. You will need intext citations and either a bibliography works cited page. There are some major steps you need to remember as you complete this composition.

Step-by-Step Tutorial
  1. Pick your topic
  2. If you are allowed to select your own topic, pick something that interests you. Studies have shown that people are more careful and do better jobs when they are working on something that they are interested in. If you are not allowed to select your own subject, then at least see if you can put your unique touches on the topic.

  3. Make your thesis statement
  4. The next step is for you to compose a strong thesis statement. This will include the main points in your paper.

  5. Do the research
  6. As you research your subject, make sure that you use credible, valid, and academic sources. If your school gives you access to databases, make sure to use those sources.

  7. Make an outline
  8. Now you are ready to make an outline of what your paper will include. It should be very detailed. If you do not know how to make an outline, search online for an example or a template.

  9. Write a rough draft
  10. Now you are ready to write the rough draft. You will probably write two or three of these. This is a good sign; it means you are making important changes in the piece.

  11. Make your bibliography or works cited page
  12. You will have intext citations in the paper each time you use someone else’ information. Then when you finish the paper, you will list these on either a bibliography or works cited page. There are many apps that can actually format this page for you.

  13. Proofread and edit
  14. Rest your eyes and let the rough draft sit for a few days. Then pick up the piece and begin to carefully proof and then edit it.

  15. Write the final draft
  16. The proof and edited paper will end up as the final draft. Be very careful to not make any new errors as you go through this process.

  17. Get help if you struggle if you fall behind in the work
  18. If you struggle or fall behind as you work on this project, make sure to ask for help.

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